Flying Geese Quilt Course - Start to Finish

This course will teach you how to make the beautiful flying geese quilt from START to FINISH.  There are so many courses out there that just teach how to make the top of the quilt, but don't teach how to baste, quilt and bind your quilt.  Let alone, tips for labeling, washing and a private facebook group with prioritized attention for answering questions.

This course features:

Baby Size 38 x 43

Throw Size 60 x 77

Queen Size

*Additional help to figure out math for different sizes offered in the facebook group.


Creating the Quilt Top (7 lessons)

The Quilt Sandwhich (3 lessons)

Machine Quilting (4 lessons)

Binding (4 lessons)

Finishing Up (2 lessons)

Spiral Quilting Bonus Lesson

Flower Quilting Bonus Lesson

Totaling 19 lessons, 2+ bonus lessons. 2 hours and 20 minutes of content.